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Monthly Archives: 12月 2011

Goodbye Y2011 / さよなら2011

According to the Chinese Zodiac, Year 2011 is the year of the rabbit.
How time flies… Today is the last day of Year 2011. In just a few hours time,the rabbit ornament that has been lying in my office for the past one year has to make way for the dragon.

Mr. Rabbit will be cleaned, wrapped and kept where previous animals that had completed their jobs are currently housed. He reminds me that I am going to be an year older again (;_;)

Goodbye,Year 2011…



また一歳年を取るんですね (;_;)

rabbit ornament

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Mirror rice cake / 鏡餅

Mirror shape rice cakes make their appearances near to New Year. These rice cakes which usually come in two-tiers are considered to be an offering item to god during the New Year. To the Japanese people, 28-Dec is an auspicious day to display the mirror rice cake.

Designs to include ornaments of oranges, Japanese beckoning cat (Maneki Neko), representative animal of the Year (following the Chinese astrology of 12 Zodiac animals) sitting on top of the rice cake is fast becoming a standard. This culture most probably rings a bell. Do not be surprised that actually, occasional parts of Japanese cultures are identical to that of Chinese ones.

After some considerations, I opted for the Japanese beckoning cat which is largely believed to bring good luck. ‘MONEY MONEY MONEY’ — I want to strike lottery ($ $)!


来年は辰年なので,龍にするか招き猫にするか悩みましたが,結局招き猫にしました。先日買った年末ジャンボのことを考えると、やっぱり招き猫かなぁと、ね (◎´∀`)v


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Toners Award(Y2011) / 2011ベストコメ–化粧水部門

Continuation on the pickups of the Top 3 toners (skincare category) for Year 2011, selected by @cosme. The awards went to the following 3 items. In addition, the skin type of users who use these products are being consolidated (refer to be graphs). Hope these information helps.



Top 3 toners ranking

Inner activate Conditioner lotion III (Kao) /
★ インナーアクティベート コンディショニングローション IIIタイプ (花王)
Ratings: 5.3


Aqa Moist II (Padarm) /
★ アクアモイストII (パダーム)
Ratings: 5.0


BB a.c.care venom essence (BEETOX a.c.care) /
★ BB エーシーケア ベノムエッセンス (トータルヘルスコンサルティング)
Ratings: 5.0

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Guardian deity / 和み地蔵

Currently residing in Kamakura’s Hasedera temple is the famous stone statue of children’s guardian deity. It enjoys popularity because of its cute, smiling face.


stone statue

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Jeanasis Military Coat / Jeanasis 「ミリタリーコート」

mods coat

Rabbit hood Military Coat /

This M coat is enjoys popularity with its voluminous rabbit fur.
It comes with a removable liner which keeps you real warm during the winter. The liner attached with a lib, is designed to have its sleeve longer than the actual coat, so it looks very stylist.
As the coat has shorter sleeve, removing the liner is another way to play around with fashion.

14,490yen / ¥14,490
Black, Beige, Khaki / ブラック,ベージュ,カーキ
SizeBody lengthshoulder widthchest circumferencesleeve length
Free803811450(with liner:62)

Size guide


詳しくは, 上の画像をクリックしてください。

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Cakes (II) / ケーキ(II)

A Merry Christmas to everyone ☆彡 
The varieties of cakes had not ended.
So here is a continuation from yesterday’s post.

メリークリスマス ☆彡


Cakes from Ginza Cosy Corner II / 銀座コージーコーナー II

1: Mont blanc / モンブラン
2: Chestnut mont blanc / 渋栗のモンブラン
3: Classic mont blanc / クラシックモンブラン
4: Mille-crepe / ミルクレープ
5: Choco mille-crepe / チョコミルクレープ
6: Fruit mille-crepe / フルーツミルクレープ
7: Apple pie / アップルパイ
8: Lemon pie / レモンパイ
9: Chiffon chocolat / シフォン ショコラ
10: Green tea chiffon / シフォン 抹茶
11: Fruit cake / フルーツケーキ
12: Pudding fruit cake / プリンフルーツケーキ
13: Blueberry mousse / ブルーベリーのムース
14: Strawberry mousse / 苺のムース

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Cakes (I) / ケーキ(I)

Talk about the varieties of cakes in Japan. Its ridiculously too much (IMHO) that sometimes you even get confused as to which to choose. Its like you are very firm that you want a chocolate cake, but when you are right in front of the cake counter, not only the varieties, the fact that all the chocolate cakes look equally delicious get you confused. These slices are picked up from a chain cake store in Japan.

Since Christmas is round the corner, so for those sweet-toothed.
You won’t add calories to your body just by checking these out (^_-)



見るだけなら,カロリーがゼロ。(^_-)☆バチッ でも目の毒!?


Cakes from Ginza Cosy Corner / 銀座コージーコーナー

1: Rare cheese / レアチーズ
2: Strawberry shortcake / 苺のショートケーキ
3: Shortcake / ショートケーキ
4: Gateau chocolate / ガトーショコラ
5: Tiramisu chocolate / ティラミスショコラ
6: Green tea chocolate / 抹茶ショコラ
7: Chocolate strawberry / チョコレートストロベリー
8: Cripsy chocolate / さくっとショコラ
9: Cheese souffle / まろやかチーズスフレ
10: Bake cheese / 濃厚ベイクドチーズ
11: Rich rare cheese / 濃厚レアチーズ
12: Three types of cheese / 3種のチーズ

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Single Sheet Cutter / 一枚切りカッター

Introducing the Single Sheet Cutter, an interesting tool invention. This tool only cuts the top sheet when its run over a stack of papers. Other than the top sheet, underlying papers remain intact. The opposite theory of what a traditional cutter (the cutting as much as possible) should be. Isn’t that fantastic?

This one cutter alone can support the cutting of paper materials of different sizes from thin to thick like newspapers or magazines, etc.
Impressive technology!! I will get myself one to show my support for it. p(´∇`)q

重ねた紙の最上部1枚しか切れない!? ーー 話題の1枚きりカッターです。

これは1枚だけしか切れないという、逆転の発想にひたすら感動 ジーン…(≧ω≦。)
自然に応援したくなる~ p(´∇`)q

710yen / ¥710
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Poka dots tights / ドット柄タイツ

Who says poka dots are complicated?
3 ideas of matching your poka dots tights (from small, medium, large poka dots).


Poka dots tights

735yen per pair / 一足で¥735
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Souvenirs from Kenya / お土産

Do you know what are the representative souvenirs in Kenya?
I received a paperweight today.
Most probably, you can’t tell from these pictures, they are made of stone and are quite heavy.

アフリカのケニアのお土産。ペーパーウェイト,貰っちゃいました (●^□^●)ハハ

Sort of love the bright color when the cover stays shut.

★ 色は鮮やかで,とてもきれい。でも。。。。

And when you try to open the cover….. Oh, is this supposed to be interesting?
I am truly sorry to sound sarcastic. This is supposed to be a souvenir and I should show my appreciation m(_ _)m

★開けてみたら,思わず,えっ! ちょ、ちょっと (」゚ロ゚)」
いえ、ありがたくいただきます。m(_ _)m

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