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Monthly Archives: 2月 2012

Rare scene in Tokyo / 東京の珍しい光景

Cold wave swept over Japan again. It will be snowing in Tokyo again. Its already like the fourth or fifth (?) time in Tokyo this winter.

Actually, it rarely snow in Tokyo, once or twice yearly perhaps.
Does this explain why Tokyo residents get so excited each time when “Snow” mark showed up in the weather forecast?

All these excitement dies when the ground got so slippery due to the frozen ice and people tumbled because of that. I managed to escape a fall this year with a number of hard struggles though.

東京はまた雪です。この冬の何回目だろう? 4回目? 5回目?雪が降ると寒いし滑るしで,とても面倒です。

子供と一緒ですね ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ彡☆。

今朝,実際に家を出たら面倒くささを実感。滑るので何度も転びそうになりました。やっぱり雪はイヤだ~ (;¬_¬)じ~…

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Elpida / エルピーダ

I was quite shock to hear the news that Elpida, a semi-conductor company filed for bankruptcy yesterday. This news is heart-rending as my previous job in Singapore, in a semi-conductor company had given me opportunities to work with many wonderful Japanese companies and Elpida was one of them. It had been a very memorable experience in my life.

Elpida was made up of NEC and Hitachi which manufactures memory chips. They are Japan’s only surviving DRAM maker and are supposed to have the top technology in the world. It comes as a great pity that they need to abandon DRAM business.

I think nobody can deny that Japan’s brands has very high class and high quality image. Somehow, it is very ironical that it took decades to build a name, but one moment is all it takes to become a “legend”. I really hope that they will make a comeback someday.





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Fried oyster bento / カキフライ弁当

I love to bits the fried oyster in Japan especially the ones from “Shinjyuku Saboten” bento shop. Fried oysters are seasonal (November~February) in most restaurants in Japan. A miss out would mean that I need to wait for nine months or so before I am able to have fried oysters again. I decided that I wouldn’t want any regrets, so I popped in the bento shop and bought my last fried oyster bento of this season for lunch.

The taste is as usual SOLID, since the day I was their customer.
Oh, why couldn’t they just include fried oysters into their regular menu??
Next round will be a long wait again (v__v`) …

今月でこの弁当が食べられなくなると思って買いに行きました。この味,やはり絶品(庶民ですね~) o(*’▽’*)/☆゜’パチパチ

さぼてんのカキフライの次の出番は11月頃です。ちょっと長いかも 。。(〃_ _)σ∥

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Sexy peplum top / セクシーペップラムトップス


Sexy summer top


The top was featured in the famous Japanese magazine ViVi of April edition (cut-out beside).

The cute peplum style is currently in trend. This top is separated into two pieces and connected with the lace up at the waist. Its meant to reveal some of the skin without exposing too much and the overall look is very sexy.

For the more causal style, topping it up with a jeans is recommended like the magazine image.


流行のペップラムトップスとウエストのバッテンあきがポイント。さり気ないセクシーさをアピールできそう ♪ Viviに掲載したようにデニムと合わせるのもとてもお洒落ですよ o(*’▽’*)/☆゜

5,775yen (~USD71.20) / 5,775円
White / ホワイト

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Correspondence courses (Japan) / 資格と特技の講座

Correspondence courses leaflet was attached when I tried to buy magazine in a book store. The courses were all about specialties and qualifications. In Japan, there are so many distance leaning courses that you might not even heard of some of the names before. Is this the same in your country?

啓文堂書店という本屋で,雑誌を買ったら『資格と特技に関する通信講座の特集』とい うリーフレットが付いてきました。ユーキャンという会社の宣伝ですね。日本では,自宅で学習できる通信講座の種類がとても多く,名前を聞いたこともない講座まであります。

I counted. This company has a total of 114 courses for one to choose from.

★ 数えてみたら,この会社の講座は全部で114種類もあリました。

Ranking on top 20 popular courses were consolidated. And don’t be surprised that top in the ranking is the “handwriting” course. So maybe a lot of Japanese yearn to have nice handwriting (?+_+)!?

★ 人気講座ランキングがTop20まで載っていました。一位は何と『ボールペン字』という講座です。やはりみんなきれいな字に憧れるんですね (゚ー゚*;)ナルホド

1: Handwriting / ボールペン字
2: Medical office administrator / 医療事務
3: Pharmacopoeia administrator / 調剤薬局事務
4: Notary public / 行政書士
5: Nursing care manager / ケアマネジャー
6: Real estate agent / 宅建取引主任者
7: Child care / 保育士
8: Nursing care administrator / 介護事務
9: Bookkeeping (Level 3) / 簿記(3級)
10: Social insurance worker / 社会保険労務士
11: Financial planner / ファイナンシャルプランナー
12: Elderly care worker / 介護福祉士
13: Microsoft office specialist (MOS) / マイクロソフト認定資格 (MOS)
14: Speed writing / 速習筆ペン
15: Interior coordinator / インテリアコーディネーター
16: Electrician (2 types) / 電気工事士 (2種)
17: Dental assistant / 歯科助手
18: Color coordinate / カラーコーディネート
19: Enjoyable writing / 楽しいボールペン字
20: Licensed cook / 調理師

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Sakura Boutique / Sakura ブティック

Earlier on, I had made an introduction of Sakura boutique (located 2 mins walk from north exit of Mitaka station). Today, I revisited the shop again to take some pictures since it is spring and they have some new stocks coming in.

Additionally, I picked up my recommendation set from the store. Do inquire for more details (with the button below).



Tunic + pant + necklace / チュニック + パンツ + ネックレス

My pick will be the tunic blouse with the sheer and airy material. The design accent is on loose fitting dolman sleeve (recent trend) and the nice fitting waist.
Top it up with a straight wide navy blue pant to complete the mature, feminine look.

★ 軽やかで,透け感のある素材のチュニックブラウスです。

Bright color coordination representing the color of spring.

★ 春を感じさせるような華やかな色のコーディネート ☆

The exotic look coordination. I forgot to mention the other time that the shop is selling unisex stuffs.

★ エキゾチックな雰囲気のコーディネートです。『SAKURA』さんはユニセックス商品も扱っているので,男性の方も是非お店を覗いてみてください。

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Retro style blouse / レトロスタイルの花柄ブラウス

Titiy&Co / フリップバイカラーブラウス

Sweet retro blouse

A retro style flower prints blouse for retro style fashion lovers.

The accent of the design is on the sleeve with details like puff sleeve, flip cuff, neared three-quarter sleeve. Isn’t it sophisticated and ladylike?



6,195yen (~77.50 USD) / 6,195円
Off-White, Navy, Pink / オフホワイト,ネイビー,ピンク

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Yong tau fu / ヨン・タオ・フ

Have a sudden craving for hometown’s food. The images were of course Singapore’s famous Yong tau fu. Singapore’s food might not be as decorative when compared to Japan’s food, but I am proud to say that the taste of our food is very unique and delicious, due to the influence of multi-races.

Yong Tau fu is just one of my many favorite food in Singapore.

今日は私の故郷、シンガポールのヨン・タオ・フ(醸豆腐)という料理を紹介します。 シンガポール料理は日本の料理と比べて,見た目の繊細さはないのですが,多民族ならではの多彩な味付けが自慢です。


Dry Yong Tau Fu uses Sweet Soybean Paste and chilli paste as base. Sweet and spicy taste is irresistibly delicious!

★ ドライタイプ。甜麺醤やチリソースがベース味で麺と絡みます。甘めですがピリッと辛い麺が美味しい~

Soup Yong Tau Fu feels light to the stomach. It is highly recommended in my opinion for those people who are on diet.

★ さっぱり味のスープタイプ。軽い食事として,ダイエット中の人にお薦め d(⌒ー⌒) グッ!!

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Room shoes / ルームシューズ

These lovely room shoes are designed and produced by a Japanese model.

Altogether, the pastel colors (in the pictures) and the ribbon with the glossy pearls at the front looks extremely sweet. The material is soft to the touch and feels so comfortable to wear.

Not only as a room shoes, but it suitable for wearing in the hotel rooms during travelling.


写真のモデルは,全体がパステルカラー調で,フロントのリボンと艶めくパールがとてもスウィート☆ 柔らかくて肌触りの良い生地で,履き心地が良さそう ~

ルームシューズとしてはもちろん,トラベルシューズとしても重宝しそうです ♪

oeuf doux スタートラベルシューズ

Room shoes (travel use)

3,990yen (~50.30 USD) / 3,990円
Pink beige, Navy / ピンクベージュ,ネイビー
oeuf doux チュールリボンルームシューズ

Room shoes

2,730yen (~34.50 USD) / 2,730円
Light blue, Pink, Pink beige / ライトブルー,ピンク,ピンクベージュ

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Instant ginger tea / しょうが & ゆず

This winter’s addiction — Ginger + citron tea. A new addition to my list of favorite teas. Ginger tea is well known for its benefits to health. During winter, ginger drinks aids in cold and flu prevention, warms the body, which is especially useful for women with low body temperatures (I am one typical example). Citron addition makes up a very refreshing drink as compared to ginger tea alone which is strong and slightly bitter in taste.

These days, ginger tea becomes a “boom” in Japan. Combinations of all sorts of ingredients into ginger teas can be found easily. Perhaps a different type of ginger tea might be worth a try.

This package comes in 10g/10 sachets at 295yen.

生姜は体を温める効果があるので,この時期,生姜湯として親しまれていますよね。この飲み物は,柚子が加えられていて,さっぱりした味になっています。とっても美味し いですよ~ 



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